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Online gaming has grown to encompass a global world of multi-faceted, social touch points, from a man unwinding on the weekend with a little online poker to a teen engaging with friends in an epic online video game battle. No matter the type of online game, marketers and gaming providers have a unique opportunity to address compliance issues and marketing needs associated with online gaming using a single technology.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation data provides information about online gamers and gamblers such as real-time location or connection type, allowing organizations to gain automatic insight into otherwise hard-to-pinpoint unregistered users, whether for marketing, gameplay or regulatory purposes.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Leverage location data to ensure compliance with gambling regulations ― such as restricting access where gambling is illegal – as they can vary from region to region
  • Create an optimal online experience by connecting online gamers in close proximity for faster play and response times
  • Monetize online and mobile games by serving geotargeted ads, which increase response rates by 30 to 40 percent
  • Better understand gamer segments to create more impactful and engaging experiences
  • Help curtail illegal activities ― such as money laundering ― by understanding who is accessing online gambling systems

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