Consumer Brands

IP Location Targeting for Consumer Brands

Fortifying Brand Equity with Location-Relevant Content

Though intangible, brand equity can guide consumer purchases, thus making it crucial for brands to create a positive impression at every touch point. While this can be accomplished offline with one-to-one interaction, companies have to think creatively about how they can create a new type of connection online. By delivering location-relevant content and information, brands have the ability to foster distinct, engaging, and rewarding online experiences ― much as they do in the offline world ― and can earn a consumer’s loyalty for the long term.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation technology accurately and non-invasively identifies information about online users including real-time geographic location that allows consumer brands to create the optimal buying experience for shoppers. By delivering brands that is relevant to consumers where they live, work and play, brands have the opportunity to create a new type of consumer relationship to help transfer the brand equity they have built offline, to the online world.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Create a positive online brand impression by delivering relevant and engaging location-specific information
  • Drive increased customer purchases by building satisfying shopping experiences, such as location-based promotions, events, and reward programs
  • Leverage data to better understand consumer behavior and to identify the most valuable audience segments based on location

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