Your Website Shouldn’t Be Hard Work

During the course of the last several years, a variety of studies have shown large numbers of shoppers leave websites or abandon shopping carts within minutes if their online experience is lacking. With statistics that indicate as many as nine out of 10 of your website visitors may be leaving, this should be a major cause for concern. But, solving the problem shouldn’t be a major headache for you.

Before you start thinking “major redesign,” take a deep breath. With Labor Day right around the corner, I don’t want your website to be hard work.  By simply replacing the “one-site-fits-all” approach with a dynamic, personalized web experience, you can better serve your site visitors and increase profits along the way.

Don’t believe me? Well, Harris Interactive and IMShopping released a recent survey that showed American consumers are looking for the same personalized customer experience they receive in the brick-and-mortar business when they shop online. And the lack of assistance can prevent them from making a purchase.  In the real world, one of the first things you do is analyze the location where you’re opening the store to insure that your products on your shelves will be targeted to the correct demographic—so why aren’t you doing that online???

With the right technology, you can create a dynamic, personalized web experience similar to what shoppers have come to expect in the real world. Well, in many cases, better than what they’re getting in the retail stores these days…which, of course, in many cases, is a pretty low bar to set.

With IP Intelligence, for example, retailers can know where their customers are and stock shelves differently; present promotions and conduct transactions in native languages; and show prices in the right currency.  Presto—now your store is using the same tried and true concepts you’d use in the real world!   And, before you start thinking “major dinero,” know there are cost-effective solutions (some starting at $500) for companies of any size—from mom-and-pop retailers to globally recognized corporations.
[And, BTW, you don’t have to take my word for it, this (great looking) dude recently said pretty much the same thing: ]

So, relax! You can enjoy the upcoming Labor Day knowing you can easily and affordably customize website content, language, currency, products and promotions to online audiences, creating an instant connection that will have visitors spending more time evaluating products and services, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

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