When Irish Eyes Smile

Although not an official “federal” holiday in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day has a long history of being celebrated with parades and general goodwill for all things Irish―including the beer. Irish is our nation’s second most frequently reported ancestry (behind German―also known for great beer).

Outside of our own Irish population, the number of people traveling from Ireland to the United States has been a steady influx of hundreds of thousands each year.

If you’re in the travel and hospitality industry, then tourists in these numbers represent a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. But how can you capitalize on their interest in our fair country?

Here’s a wee bit of advice (pardon me for lapsing into leprechaun-speak): Incorporate IP Intelligence into your website. By automatically identifying online visitors from Ireland, you can:

• Instantly present information on regional Irish events (i.e. St. Patty’s Day celebrations) and cultural groups;
• Offer discounts at local Irish pubs and restaurants;
• Deliver recommendations on where other visitors from Ireland prefer to stay, eat and sightsee; and
• Customize content in their native language.

Delivering a more relevant online experience shouldn’t be left to the luck of the Irish these days. Incorporating IP Intelligence into your online strategy can significantly simplify and enhance visitors’ online experience, allowing you to accurately and non-invasively present relevant content, products and promotions to them based on their location.

This year, you can count me in as one of the 13 million people who will don green, hoist a pint of Guinness, and celebrate the Irish with good cheer.

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