How to Use Mobile Geolocation Technology to Drive More Advertising Revenues

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By 2017, mobile ad spending is projected to account for 66.6 percent of digital ad spending. Stats such as this show the continued growth of the mobile advertising market and how, within the next several years, it will dominate the digital ad spending arena. However, effectively monetizing mobile traffic has been a challenge for advertisers around the world.

Strategic companies such as Monetizer, a global traffic monetization company, are developing solutions that bring technology and performance marketing together to create more revenue, drive better engagement, and breed deeper consumer insight for advertisers. Because accurate ad targeting is integral to improving the monetization of any mobile advertising campaign, the company is incorporating mobile-centric NetAcuity Pulse technology into its platform in order to target consumers at a more granular level―identifying key details such as the user’s mobile network or internet provider, connection type, and connection speed. With top exclusive advertisers on board, serving more than 7 billion app requests per month, in 150+ countries, with 350 million users, and dozens of media partners, Monetizer uses this type of new-found insight to optimize advertising delivery and minimize the risk of making incorrect routing decisions.

Monetizer relies on granular targeting capabilities to be able to increase revenue and drive engagement for its clients. “It is vital we utilize the most accurate targeting capabilities available to us to remain competitive in our field,” explained Franz Kanehl, managing partner, Monetizer.

Read the full press release to learn how your company can use mobile geolocation technology to get higher earnings per click and drive up the monetization of digital content.

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