Turn Expands Geotargeting Capabilities for Fortune 1000 Clients

Every day, the Turn Cloud Marketing Platform makes over 75 billion advertising decisions and analyzes more than 1.5 billion customer attributes. Its robust architecture provides instant access-responding within 10 milliseconds-to over 2 trillion display, mobile, social, and video advertising impressions every month.

According to David Simon, business development director, Turn, “Consumers are spending more of every day connected to the Internet, on multiple devices, and that means they’re generating enormous quantities of data-data that provides unparalleled value for marketers. Geographic location plays such an important role in the offline world that our clients demand best-in-class geotargeting solutions that are scalable and globally applicable for their online campaigns.”

That best-in-class solution? NetAcuity® .

In 2008, Turn first added the NetAcuity IP Intelligence solution to its technology platform, then followed up with the addition of the hyperlocal NetAcuity EdgeTM dataset, and has most recently expanded to the company’s mobile product.

Read the full case study here to see how Turn is using multiple geolocation datasets to help optimize performance, provide more control and insight, and produce greater profits for its Fortune 1000 marketer clients.

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