Travel Agency Customizes Online Trip Planning By User Location, the largest online travel agency in Latin America, wanted to understand-in detail-its web users’ locations to be able to offer them the best online experience, while also providing them travel search results according to their expectations.

“The user’s experience in every interaction with the site is a priority,” said Cristian Martinez, product owner at, “When we talk about experience, one of the cornerstones is the location of the user. We need to know the exact place where the user is located to offer them the best trips, hotels and discounts.” is a one-stop-shop for both tourist and corporate travel. Travelers can choose from 500 airlines, 70 car rental agencies and thousands of packages around the world.’s users have access to 150,000 hotels, one of the largest hotels online data bases available in the market. To help customize online trip planning for its users, is deploying NetAcuity® Edge to offer a more localized online experience; concrete and accurate search results; and specialized newsletters.

Read the full press release here to get more specifics on how your agency or company in the travel and hospitality industry can use IP data to get a competitive edge.

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