Top 5 Industries Ripe for Big Geotargeting Push in 2012

2012 could be shaping up to be more prosperous—or apocalyptic if you believe the doomsday sayers who predict the world will end on December 21. According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 will be the year of the dragon, representing power and signifying success and happiness. So things shouldn’t be all bad, at least for most of the year. Our country will also hold another presidential election, which some may consider end of days in its own respect.

Barring any big “transformations” coming our way, online advertising in 2012 is projected to reach $36.8 billion. With that being said, we’re seeing a number of industries ripe for a big geotargeting push next year. “Do Not Track” programs for online behavioral targeting and Internet users’ unwillingness to disclose personal information for a more customized online experience have made it more difficult for online advertisers to accurately target the right web users in the right places with the right messages. However, ad networks, companies, organizations and publishers can use IP-geolocation technology as a cost-effective, privacy-sensitive digital marketing tool.

Below are the five industries that stand to benefit most from geo-targeted messages in 2012:

1. Government – Candidates at the local, state and national level can use geolocation-targeted ads and online outreach to tap into key audiences by geography.
2. Retail – With a combined need to encourage local shopping, and serve up more and more personalized content for the “Me-tail generation,” retailers can boost sales and build their brands with geolocation technology.
3. Publishing – Incorporating video into publisher’s online endeavors is getting HUGE and the process is getting easier (and cheaper). Online video ads are expected to soar and geolocation technology can help publishers be more successful with their video content (targeted advertising, digital rights management, etc.)
4. Social media – From advertising to content to helping users find like-minded people in their local area, social networks have endless possibilities for leveraging geolocation technologies.
5. Financial Services – More and more, consumers want to put their money in local banks. Community banks and lending institutions stand to gain by using geolocation technologies to reach and serve customers in their communities.

But, hey, did you hear? Berea, Kentucky is the place to be for “Apocalypse 2012” so we’re also expecting a big push from the real estate industry for targeted advertising down to that ZIP code.

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