The Buzz from MobileDevHacker: Gaming, Monetization and Big Data


The MobileDevHacker event recently held in Boston brought together a who’s who of industry experts to discuss the latest challenges and future opportunities in mobile app development. During the two-day event, the biggest buzz being generated was around mobile app monetization, competitive gaming and―not a surprise―Big Data. Digital Element was honored to share the stage with our partner Skyhook Wireless to present the topic of “How to Use Deep Analytics around Geofencing.”

A good mix of attendees, from agencies to brand marketers to retailers, made for a well-rounded discussion on how to cull, analyze and use geolocation data to provide a better consumer experience.

If you weren’t able to attend, some key takeaways from the event:

  • Geographic data provides a wealth of information beyond GPS coordinates on a map. That data, when analyzed and applied properly, can help companies build out buyer personas, engage with prospects in more relevant ways and keep those conversations going, as well as enhance customer loyalty programs.
  • In terms of privacy, there are mountains of data that can be gleaned non-invasively. That data can be as granular (i.e. ZIP or postcode level worldwide) or as high-level (i.e. country-specific) as a company might need.
  • How taking a layered approach to analyzing and using data can often be the most cost-effective solution in today’s world of Big Data. This methodology gives companies a chance to see how different data sets interact and what type of trends materialize from deeper analytics―and whether or not that information is applicable to marketing and selling their products.

Attendees were especially interested in the emerging role of the Data Scientist―more specifically, if and when they really need one. Having a Data Scientist on your team is great if you can afford one, but that whole layered approach thing we talked about previously…can help your company affordably interpret data to develop the necessary strategies and tactics to create that terrific customer experience around any mobile app.

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