Take a Walking Tour of Geotropolis [Infographic]

We’re introducing a new infographic today to demonstrate the versatility of IP geolocation technology in multiple business settings.

Many of today’s major cities have shed their “Main Street U.S.A.” personas. Major metropolitan areas are now more efficient with sleeker designs and innovative infrastructures. They’re more technologically advanced and better connected than ever before. Not to mention, they now serve an increasingly larger international constituency.

Just as cities have come a long way from four corners and a stoplight, so, too, have their businesses. Our new infographic takes you on “A Walking Tour of Geotroplis” through a visual representation of how different businesses can bring the offline power of geographic location to the online world. The infographic meanders you through the fictional city of “Geotroplis” with stops at different industries to show how they are leveraging IP geolocation technology to drive online relevance and revenue.

The infographic includes numerous statistics from well-recognized organizations and research firms to help demonstrate the business impact IP geolocation makes across industries and throughout the enterprise. In some instances, businesses using IP geolocation data have seen increased response rates by as much as 300 percent. Statistics such as this are sure to surprise you!

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