Swimsuits, Surfboards and Sales

Aaahh, summer. My favorite time of year. The sun, the sea, the ice-cold Corona…

Ok. Back to business. (Crud, just as I was getting going…I obviously need a vacation)

For retailers, the summer means opportunities galore online — from sales of fun-in-the-sun beach gear to blockbuster summer deals.

By using IP Intelligence, online retailers can cash in big on summertime fun. Something as simple as targeting an ad promoting a sale on the hottest swimsuit selling in Miami can deliver value and results that far surpasses those of generalized campaigns.

Whether it’s promoting a sale at a local retailer that carries the company brand; delivering a coupon to a certain demographic; advertising a current sale at a retailer in their region; building brand awareness; or even driving targeted traffic into a particular retail store – IP Intelligence can give companies the tools to do all this and more:

Target ads based on geography – Knowing the geographic region of Web visitors enables companies to provide relevant homepage ads, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show them relevant products that minimizes their search time and helps them make a quicker decision? For example, outdoor gear retailers can promote a summer sale on surfboards to someone visiting from Southern California instead of offering high-country camping gear.
Enhance couponing – A small women’s retailer with only a few shops throughout Atlanta wants to try its hand at online advertising. The ad campaign provides a coupon to visitors, giving them a percentage off any swimsuit from the store (if they print it out and bring it in.) Using IP Intelligence, the retailer can save money, increase the value of the media campaign, and boost response rates by delivering the coupon to people in just the Atlanta metro area. This form of online advertising also increases offline promotions by driving traffic into retail locations.
Serve media-rich online ads – The hot ad medium right now is streaming video. IP Intelligence allows companies to not only target ads based on location, but also to customize delivery of an ad based on the connection speed of the end user. Retailers can now serve media-rich ads only to those users with high-speed connections, while showing more stripped down ads to those dinosaurs…err…users…on old-fashioned dial-up connections.

The last one is my favorite…picture the video of me, sitting on Waikiki Beach, on my fifth piña colada, surrounded by… Darn it, there I go again. Aaahh, summer! And, I…am…outta here!!!

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