SteelHouse Gets Rock-Solid Results with IP Geolocation Technology

SteelHouse, a data-driven marketing technology company, needed a rock-solid geotargeting solution, and it knew just where to look. Having worked with Digital Element at a previous endeavor, the team once again chose to rely on the firm’s IP geolocation technology. SteelHouse uses NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal targeting solution for its Behavioral Marketing Platform and when serving its A2 ads and Real Time OffersTM.

The technology enables SteelHouse customers to segment their online shoppers based on the shopper’s specific location, and in turn, the customer can serve the shopper relevant online ads, offers and messaging.

According to Mark Douglas, President and CEO at SteelHouse, “Location-based segments are one of the most popular when it comes to marketing and ad targeting. Without geolocation technology, we would not be able to provide our customers with the ability to segment their site visitors by geography or serve ads to them based on their location.”

Read the full case study here to learn how NetAcuity is helping SteelHouse stay on the cutting edge in order to address the competitive pressures it faces on a daily basis-everything from being able to build highly engaging online ads to being able to serve those ads to segmented audiences.

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