Spring Cleaning: Use Web Analytics to Determine What You Need….And Don’t

Your website can get like your garage.

Think about it. You know you’re going to get visitors to your website. However, you aren’t quite sure which items they’re going to want, so you buy a little bit of everything and hold on to items that don’t sell—because someone will surely need something you have some day. But, wouldn’t it be great if you knew what products Mrs. Marks in Minneapolis wanted to buy or Mr. Smith in San Francisco needed to research? After all, clutter can be a website’s worst friend (not to mention many a husband’s downfall).

But, now is the time to conduct a little spring cleaning by using web analytics to determine what you need—and don’t. There is no disputing the power of web analytics as a tool to solidify and validate strategic online marketing activities. By leveraging geographical and other IP Intelligence data within analytics packages, your company can further segment and gain deeper insight into customer behavior—the true benchmark for critical assessment of the online channel.

By adding depth to current analytical tools, marketers can exponentially increase the ability to tactically refine and monitor local and international marketing operations with increased clarity and control.
Other items on your IP Intelligence spring cleaning checklist include:

  • Improve Segmentation – Leverage new data inputs such as country, state, and city-level location information to geo-segment online audiences and benchmark campaign performance.
  • Increase Performance – Increase insight into customer behavior that allows you to uncover actionable intelligence for campaign and website refinement.
  • Inspire Action – Move from analysis to action. Leverage IP Intelligence not only to understand your online audience, but to act upon that knowledge with real-time content targeting based on user location and other IP data elements.

So channel Doris Day or June Cleaver and get the spring cleaning fever for your website today.

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