Spongecell Delivers Smarter Ads, Faster with IP Geotargeting

Spongecell, a creative technology company, transforms standard online ads into dynamic, interactive experiences. Its feature-rich technology platform helps marketers easily and more efficiently produce online ads that tailor their messaging to match viewers’ location or even local weather, all in real time.

To make that happen, Spongecell is now using Digital Element’s hyperlocal IP geolocation technology. Two examples of the technology at work:

  • For automakers: Synch the geographic location of viewers with their local weather to automatically show convertibles when it’s sunny or display SUVs with four-wheel drive when it’s snowy
  • For airlines: Highlight flight deals in and out of local airports near where users are geographically located

Spongecell serves a wide variety of industries and has a large advertising client list that includes major brands such as Dell, AT&T, Kraft and IBM. Get more details here on how Spongecell is using location to drive engagement for video and display campaigns.

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