Sky Rockets In Flight: Explosive Developments in ZIP Code Targeting

OK, sorry for the Starland Vocal Band reference in the title, but it’s almost Independence Day, and we have some big news a brewin’ that makes me so excited that I just can’t hide it. [Crud, I guess huge developments in IP targeting makes me speak in ‘70s song lyrics…I think I’ll stop now.]

We constantly hear this question from online marketers: How can I get more out of my online advertising and promotions?

Our answer: Start by delivering messages that resonate with your audiences.  In most instances that means targeting your messages as close to your visitor’s home as possible. As frequent readers of this blog realize, that geographic pinpoint on the map where we call home drives so many of our purchasing decisions.

So, their next logical question is usually: So how do we do that?

Our answer: Simple. IP Intelligence with geo-targeting capabilities

Their follow-up question: How accurate can you actually get?

Our answer up until now: 95 percent accurate down to a city-level worldwide…

But, the next generation of geo-targeting is on its way. The new-found ability to deliver ZIP code targeting is right around the corner, giving online marketers more bang for their buck. It’s the difference between delivering a targeted message to everyone in the Metro New York area or serving content to people just in the local suburb of Queens.

With Fourth of July coming up, we’re trying to create a few Fireworks of our own here at Digital Element as we move our IP Intelligence to that next level. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the next few weeks.   I promise…it’ll really be hot stuff.   🙂

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