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For the first time in history, more people said they got their news from the web in 2010 than from a physical newspaper. Does that really come as a surprise considering the how much more people access and use the Internet—and how differently they engage with the content—these days. This, of course, is thanks in large part to improved telecommunications, technologies and mobile devices.

We’ve been hearing about the inevitable demise of print newspapers and magazines for years. There’s no doubt the Internet has significantly changed the publishing universe as traditional print boundaries have all but disappeared as publishers continue to move online or even to digital-only formats. However, it’s not all doom and gloom if you read between the lines. Although the steady erosion of boundaries is producing formidable challenges for the publishing industry, it is also creating new opportunities for publishers to enhance their revenue streams.

With access to multiple delivery channels, publishers can now offer more relevant, engaging content to different segments of their audience—when, where and how their readers prefer. And, many times that means providing more high-value news and information that connects within local communities, closer to home.

Technology, such as IP Intelligence, exists that can help publishers realize the value in interacting with consumers at a local level. Strong geolocation capabilities, for example, empower publishers to identify the real-time location of online readers down to a ZIP code or postcode level. This information can then be used to localize content, geo-target advertising, build online communities or gain insight into the performance of online initiatives. And it can be applied to either a paywall or free-for-all business model. The New York Times, Zinio, CNN, and Guardian Unlimited are a few examples of successful IP Intelligence publishing applications.

There’s definitely more opportunity than meets the eye for today’s publishers. If you want more details on how publishers can thrive in today’s online marketplace with location-based targeting tools, then click here to read the latest industry brief on this topic.

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