Push Pins? Who Needs Em…

A recent posting on Direction Magazine’s All Points Blog discusses the new Capital One ad that shows giant push pins falling from the sky to pinpoint the location of ATMs. A little extreme?  Maybe, but it gets “the point” across (haha, okay, guys, sorry, for that poor pun!) — one that I’ve been preaching for the last 10 years.  Online users want local content, and they want it NOW!

As regular readers of this blog will certainly know by now, there is a way to accurately and automatically deliver local content to online users.  Just as everyone has come to expect push pins as the de facto symbol for a point location, online businesses look to Digital Element to deliver the de facto standard in IP Intelligence and geotargeting.

Finally, the concept of local has finally come to the big screen. Okay, maybe not the BIG screen, (unless, of course, you have one of those smokin’ cool giant plasma flat screens), but the TV screen. And, that’s good enough for me, for right now…

Now, if we can just get Capital One to automatically translate this to the computer screen…you see, I’m a little disappointed you’re still required to enter your address at the Capital One ATM and Branch Locator in order to get local results. IP Intelligence eliminates that step with its ability to automatically pinpoint online visitors down to a city-level worldwide. Come on guys, get with the plan!

Ace Hardware’s implementation is, what I feel, where the concept of store/branch locator is headed. See the My Local Ace page. I’d be surprised if the Ace model isn’t followed by a slew of others, maybe even Capital One, with a little luck.  Again, kudos to Ace for being on the cutting edge of this user-friendly, “geo-aware” trend!

All this begs me to ask: What’s in your Website?

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