Over the Hill and Through the Woods

A recent survey by AAA predicts 38.4 million Americans will be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Other research from Pew Internet suggests that as many as 56 percent of those travelers will at some point use a wireless means to access the Internet while on their way to “Grandma’s house”… or even while at Grandma’s house, to escape the millions of embarrassing “childhood” stories that unfailingly surface at every family gathering (and, if you’re wondering, wireless routers make a good holiday gift for Grandma—and, indirectly, you too).

Sorry to throw so many statistics at you, but just trying to set the Thanksgiving table, so to speak.
Of those 20 million or so wireless users, I feel pretty comfortable in saying that a large percentage of them will tune in to watch video on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, a significant number will also download their videos illegally. So, it’s fair to say that the ongoing fight against piracy simply can’t afford to take a holiday.

But, check this out: Digital Element recently partnered with QuickPlay Media, the premier provider of solutions that manage the business of mobile video, to leverage our geolocation technology to provide secure distribution of TV episodes over mobile Wi-Fi connections for its QuickPlay’s PrimeTime2Go™ service.

Our technology has long been used to manage digital rights based on a user’s desktop location. However, companies such as QuickPlay are leading the way for other providers of mobile content services to ensue that distribution restrictions are being met as well—whether it’s over the hill and through the woods or halfway around the world…or in some quiet room at Grandma’s house.

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