New Wi-Fi Targeting Solution Helps Deliver More Precise, Localized Campaigns


Crimtan, a UK-based global advertising technology company, uses its proprietary digital marketing solution to turn consumer data into actions that enable businesses to increase brand awareness, find new customers and maintain those relationships. To enhance its RAMP360TM advertising platform, Crimtan is incorporating a new Wi-Fi targeting solution that will help increase performance for its clients’ multi-device digital campaigns.

The company launched a partnership with Digital Element in September 2013, with the adoption of its NetAcuity EdgeTM solution to provide accurate geographic targeting capability down to a postcode level worldwide. Just recently, Crimtan upgraded to NetAcuity PulseTM to increase reach, accuracy and targeting ability by harnessing new insights derived from Wi-Fi connected mobile traffic. This provides Crimtan with unrivalled IP-based geographic targeting precision for online advertising across multiple devices, further reducing wasted impressions and increasing ROI for its clients.

“We have benefitted from excellent customer service as well as leading-edge solutions with Digital Element in recent years, and upgrading to NetAcuity Pulse was an obvious choice to improve our client offering. We plan to move into new markets and expect to see further uplift in performance globally,” commented Rob Webster, Crimtan’s Chief Product Officer.

Read the full press release to learn how and why Wi-Fi data is driving the next evolution in IP-targeting.

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