New Infographic Dispels Mobile Targeting Misperceptions

fact and myth concept signpost hand drawing on blackboard

Location-based targeting is the most important factor when it comes to successful mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. While location-based technology is built into today’s mobile devices, users can choose to turn their GPS off or opt not to give apps permission to use their locations. That’s the bad news.

The good news is: Marketers can use IP geolocation to successfully target mobile users without location-based services (LBS) turned on. Eighty percent of mobile traffic already comes via some type of Wi-Fi connection, which has an IP address that can be geotargeted. That automatically means four out of five mobile users can be targeted regardless of whether their LBS is off or on.

Digital Element’s newest infographic “Top 5 Myths of Mobile IP Targeting” dispels the misperceptions when it comes to marketing to today’s on-the-go mobile users. This myth-busting intel allows marketers to build a mobile strategy that allows them to create more memorable and meaningful interactions with their audiences―wherever they live, work, play, travel and shop.

Using statistics and real-world use cases, the infographic debunks many of the myths that persist in the marketplace, specifically those related to access, accuracy, granularity, latitude/longitude coordinates, and contextual data.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, learn more about how your company can deliver content relevant to those “mobile moments,” resulting in a far more effective way to engage with your customers.

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