Mashero Adds Location Data to Dynamic Ad Toolkit

Mashero, a leading German-based advertising creative platform, has deployed NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal geolocation technology to improve real-time advertising optimization.

Mashero has integrated location data into its targAdComposer suite, software that enables advertisers to produce and optimize their advertising creatives based on real-time performance. Combining user location as a targeting criterion, with factors such as store proximity and local weather conditions, allows marketers to create advertising that connects with consumers in a meaningful way-increasing impact and performance.

Guido Brand, Mashero’s founder and managing director, commented on the importance of using highly accurate geo-data: “This element is critical for our business as we use the data to increase the relevance of advertising, which has proven to be successful and has driven a significant increase in click-through rates of campaigns-in some cases more than 10 times.”

Read the full press release to learn more about how Mashero is using location to add a new dimension to its dynamic ad toolkit for clients’ campaigns.

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