Learn What It Takes to Be IP Smart

BeIPSmart Dude

It’s April Fool’s Day. But, we’re turning the tables on dumb ideas with the kick-off of our fun and humorous #BeIPSmart video campaign.

Let’s face it. We’ve all seen some dumb ideas and have probably had a few of our own (much as we’d hate to admit it). But, we want to right the ship and turn some of those dumb ideas into smart marketing moves. With a series of animated video shorts, we’re showcasing why not all geolocation solutions are created equal, along with the consequences that result for not deploying a reliable IP targeting technology.

For the next month (or so), we’ll be introducing a new video in the #BeIPSmart series each Thursday that highlights some of the most critical points to consider when selecting IP Intelligence and geolocation technology.

These technologies can take your business to the next level no matter the type of online audience you serve. But Being IP Smart is about more than just implementing just any solution. It’s about implementing proven global technologies that are validated and accredited within the industry─and ones that produce results.

So how IP Smart is your company? If the videos don’t give you a hint, then download this guide to help determine your company’s current “IP Smarts” and find out how real businesses are seeing real results using NetAcuity solutions.

Watch, share and let us know what you think.

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