LATAM E-Commerce Companies Gain Access to New Mobile Geolocation Solution


Latin America is the world’s second-fastest growing e-commerce market after China. According to eMarketer, Brazil alone ranked No. 10 worldwide. Combine those stats with the fact that the country also boasts a high mobile penetration, and it’s not hard to understand why ecommerce companies doing business in this region are ideally suited for mobile geolocation solutions.

Latin American retail consulting firm Origin5 recognized this and has added the NetAcuity platform of geolocation technology to its comprehensive package of digital solution offerings. NetAcuity PulseTM, which leverages new insights derived from Wi-Fi connected mobile traffic and infrastructure, is expected to be of particular interest.

Origin5 has developed innovative retail solutions for major players in the Brazilian market such as Bradesco, Whirlpool, Boticario, Netshoes, Drugstore Sao Paulo, and others. Origin5 CEO and Co-founder Roberto Wajnsztok Olivieria saw a real solution to address real challenges.

“As mobile shopping continues to grow across the region, it was imperative for us to find a geolocation technology platform that provided solutions to accurately target these on-the-go consumers,” he said.

Read the full press release to find out how Origin5 will help e-commerce companies gain access to new mobile geolocation solutions―in turn increasing sites’ ROI, improving the online shopping experience, and enhancing omnichannel initiatives.

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