It’s Off to the Races

Barack Obama clearly embraces technology and the Internet. His campaign includes a sophisticated web presence, blogging and email outreach campaign.However, being the geo-intelligence geek that I am, I was wondering, why am I presented with a “where do you live?” menu when I visit the Barack Obama campaign web site?

Come on, Barack! I know you’re busy, but surely, as an avid reader of this blog, you understand that you can automatically direct your loyal followers to the correct state version of your site! Why not present visitors to your site with targeted messaging the instant they visit instead of making them try to find relevant content themselves? Using geo-targeting technology, you could instantly show local gatherings, organizations, fundraisers, to help your grassroots campaign, making life easier for your supporters and making your site more efficient.

So, Barack, feel free to drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to work with you directly on implementing geo-targeting on your site.

And, being the non-partisan person I am, the same goes for the McCain campaign. John, feel free to have someone turn on your computer and type me a message. 😉


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