It’s All About Location for Travel Destination Marketers─In More Ways Than One


Location is not just a destination for travel and tourism boards, it’s a means to an end if you’re a marketer trying to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns.

Arrivalist, a marketing services company that provides new metrics to evaluate the offline impact of online media plans, is leveraging location to measure the ROI of travel destination marketers’ advertising.

Working with major tourism boards from places as large and diverse as Florida’s Palm Beaches and Kansas, and cities that depend on tourism as much as Galveston, New Orleans and Atlantic City, Arrivalist has integrated NetAcuity Edge™ technology ─ a real-time identification of online users’ locations down to a ZIP or post code level worldwide ─ to help it measure how effective their ad spends are and to be able to make campaign changes on the fly.

“We’re pleased to add one of the leading industry providers of IP geolocation technology to the location signals that help us determine where consumers are,” said Cree Lawson, Arrivalist’s founder and CEO. “NetAcuity Edge technology has the best match rate and the most reliable, granular data for real-time IP address lookup.”

Read the full press release to see examples of how hyperlocal geolocation technology is being used in the analytics for city and state digital advertising campaigns.

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