IP Geolocation Myth Busting Part 2: Latest Video Continues its Fact-Finding Mission

We continue to take online marketers and advertisers on a fact-finding mission with Part II of our discussion that dispels the mystery surrounding IP geolocation technology.

In this installment of our online video series “On Target,” we debunk the remaining four IP geolocation myths:

  • It’s impossible to get accurate geolocation information since IP addresses are dynamic.
  • IP geolocation is not applicable to the mobile space.
  • IP addresses are considered personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Premium IP geolocation solutions are expensive.

Get the facts today! Watch and share the new video “IP Geolocation Myths: Setting the Record Straight Part II” with anyone who’s involved with driving results for online business-no matter the industry.

Oh yeah…if you’re arriving a little late to the party, you can catch up on Part I here.

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