Infographic: How to Cut the B.S. Out of Your LBS Strategy

Infographic: Cutting the B.S. Out of Your LBS Strategy

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Recent research shows that 51 percent of in-store shoppers are interested in location-based services. That’s good news for marketers, but bad news if they don’t know have a solid strategy that leverages the data necessary to deliver more personalized communications to consumers.

Device type, consumer preferences and location awareness provide opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers in multiple ways. But the noise around these opportunities can often create confusion.

Our newest infographic “Cutting the B.S. Out of Your LBS Strategy” gives marketers a strategy to help them cut the crap and seize the opportunity to create more memorable and meaningful interactions with their audiences―from the desktop to on-the-go mobile users.

The infographic outlines the technology best-practices to help marketers get the most out of their location-based services. The process starts with the ability to  instantly identify what device is visiting a website then moves on to show how companies can comprehensively target all business traffic, including fixed IP traffic (desktop and Wi-Fi) and non-fixed, IP-based mobile device traffic.

It’s time to get the scissors out!

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