Hyperlocal IP Geolocation Helps Build Foundation for Effective Contextual Advertising


AdBlueDigital delivers contextually relevant advertising for its global network of more than 10,000 premium publishers. The implementation of more granular hyperlocal IP geolocation data into its advertising platform means that it can refine audience segmentation and targeting capabilities for the more than 20 million unique users it reaches daily.

“Digital Element is the global leader in IP geolocation technology and is the only IP data provider to deliver true postcode-level targeting, so the company was the natural choice to help us achieve optimum granularity at city and postcode level,” explained David Levin, marketing director at AdBlueDigital.

Since using hyperlocal IP geolocation technology, the efficiency of AdBlueDigital’s campaigns has increased dramatically─thanks to improved accuracy rates by as much as 30 to 40 percent in some countries when identifying consumer locations.

Read the full press release to discover how NetAcuity EdgeTM is directly enabling AdBlueDigital to increase revenues.

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