How Google Indexes Websites That Utilize NetAcuity

We often get asked about how Google deals with NetAcuity from a search standpoint.   Specifically, many of our ecommerce and content site customers are curious how IP intelligence might affect the way Google indexes their sites and how that would change search results.

I’ve gotten many questions from site owners wondering whether rerouting users to a country-specific landing page might cause Google to think the site is primarily located in a different country. For example, if a US-based site owner re-routes Japanese traffic to a Japanese-specific  landing page, folks wonder if Google might classify the overall website as being located in Japan due to a Japan-based Google search bot being redirected to the Japanese version of the site by NetAcuity.
This YouTube video does a very good job explaining how Google deals with IP targeting and gives some “do’s and don’ts” in site design.   It’s also great to see that Google sees IP targeting as a powerful technology for global businesses —something I’ve obviously been saying for 10+ years!

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