Hit it Out of the Park with In-Stadium Wi-Fi Targeting

baseball batter swinging at a pitch

Welcome to the new American pastime: Baseball, hot dogs and…Wi-Fi.

The instantly recognizable “Wi-Fi Here” sign is turning up everywhere these days. Once relegated to upscale coffee shop windows, the symbol can be found in a multitude of public venues, from malls and hotels to airports and now sports stadiums.

As an example, by the end of the 2015 season, 28 of the MLB’s 30 teams will have in-stadium Wi-Fi, totaling 1.2 million seats with wireless connections. That’s one large and captive audience of consumers. This should be of particular interest to those companies where tapping into the spending and social habits of sports fans can give them a clear advantage.

Our newest infographic “The New Sports Experience and How Wi-Fi is Changing the Game” puts you “on deck” to see the growth and progression of Wi-Fi-enabled stadiums while showing you how to “hit it out of the park” with marketing campaigns using Wi-Fi targeting.

The infographic includes numerous statistics from well-recognized technology organizations and sports research firms to help demonstrate the benefit of Wi-Fi targeting in these venues, especially for advertisers, stadium services and retailers. These statistics highlight the tremendous marketing opportunities that exist for businesses to reach avid sports fans.

Batters Up!

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