Give Consumers What They’re Hungry For

When we’re hungry and want to grab a bite at a local restaurant, most of us start our dining experience right in front of our computers. Yum, right?

The truth is some experiences are more appetizing than others.

In the competitive online marketplace, major restaurant chains are at a significant disadvantage when compared to non-chain dining establishments. While the chain enjoys the advantage of brand-name recognition, the online experience does nothing to foster a meaningful relationship between specific restaurants and their customers.

In contrast, someone visiting the site of a restaurant that exists only in his or her locality typically gets a completely localized online presentation. There’s no need for the visitor to enter any data at all, and there’s much more presented about the restaurant than merely its “location”—pictures of the specific establishment, its own unique menu, and such timely information as daily food and drink specials, featured entertainment, local group meetings, coupons, and anything else the restaurant employs to build customer relationships within its community.

However with IP Intelligence, major restaurant brands can easily and affordably give consumers what they’re hungry—more localized content and engagement.  IP Intelligence gives chain restaurants the means to actively reach out to a previously unidentifiable online audience—unregistered visitors—and begin to build a solid relationship by offering dining options, promotions and other useful information that appeal to consumers where it matters most: close to home.

With IP Intelligence, restaurants can automatically target the consumer in a way that is relevant, beginning with the very first visit, by delivering:

• Localized menu items and promotions;
• Community-based information on events;
• Catering and delivery services; and
• If the user is identified as having a high-speed connection, rich media content such as cooking demonstrations and interactive wine selections.

Starving for more on this topic?  Chow down on this industry brief, “How Major Brands Can Serve Up Effective, Restaurant-level Customer Relationships Online.” [need hyperlink]

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