Getting Back to the Three Rs for Online Advertising

With creative agencies out the ying-yang and a growing broadband consumer society that revels in rich streaming media, it’s been easy for your company to get caught up in the hoopla of delivering the next kick-butt online ad to the masses.

But, when the dust settles and you evaluate the real effectiveness of the campaign (i.e. contributing revenues to your bottom line), you might find that you’ve missed the target.

Most everyone in the industry recognizes the importance of reach and relevance. As advertising moved online, somehow these concepts got lost in the shuffle. This happened, in large part, because many companies didn’t think they could successfully apply these concepts online—and for the ones who did, they simply didn’t know how to make it work.

But, with IP Intelligence, it’s easy to get back to the basics of: reach, relevance and results.

Reach – Get a better understanding of how big your online audience is by segmenting them based on where they come from. Then you can layer financial, demographic, lifestyle and purchase data on top of that.

Relevance – Apply the information you can non-invasively glean from a user’s IP address to deliver messages, creative and localized content that is the right kind of advertising for your audiences. Remember: Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.   And, now, thanks to our break-through NetAcuity Edge™ data, “relevance” can been taken to a totally new level—-hyper-local/zip code targeting of content.

Results – Reduced wasted impressions and increase click-through rates. Increase returns with geotargeted ads, for example. They are proven performers, commanding a 30-40 percent upsell over non-targeted ads.

And, just for good measure, you could throw a fourth “R” in there…because after all, effective online advertising is all about driving Revenue for you and your clients.

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