Get in the Marketing Fast Lane with Wi-Fi Targeting


It’s that time to spring forward again, and we want to put companies in the fast lane by helping them take their mobile marketing campaigns to a new gear.

Today, more than two-thirds of U.S. consumers prefer Wi-Fi networks over their cellular service so companies simply cannot afford to ignore this type of targeting if they want to reach and engage with mobile users at a point in time where and when it matters most. This should be of particular interest to those in the advertising, retail and travel & hospitality industries where consumers are most likely to make a buying decision on the go.

Mobile users have changed the course of the competitive race track, so to speak─which also means that companies have to change a few lanes and put the pedal to the metal if they’re going to succeed in an all-ready crowded pack.  Our newest infographic takes you around the track in “The Race to Reach Mobile Wi-Fi Users” to highlight the growing number of people using Wi-Fi while taking pit stops along the way to outline the key benefits of Wi-Fi targeting.

The infographic includes numerous statistics from well-recognized organizations and research firms to help demonstrate the business impact this next-generation of targeting will have across industries and throughout the enterprise. These statistics as sure to rev your marketing engine.

Vroom! Vroom!

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