From Russia with Love

You don’t have to be James Bond to figure out that the international market for online advertising is growing significantly, due in large part to growing Internet access.

Russian advertisers, in particular, seem to be in very good positions for the coming years. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, by year 2017, the volume of the Russian online advertising market will reach $4.4 billion. Last year this indicator was $1.8 billion. Based on this data, Russia is the biggest market of online advertising in Central and East Europe.

Advertising networks such as Kavanga are helping to lead the Russian market. Kavanga is our newest international customer to hand-pick our hyperlocal IP geolocation data to deliver more advanced targeted ads to users across its network of websites. The Kavanga network spans 1,500 websites, is viewed by approximately 32 million people per month, and covers a wide variety of sectors, such as motoring, sport, financial services and leisure.

Accuracy of geolocation data plays such an important role in campaign performance. Dmitry Lelis, Kavanga CEO, says, “Geotargeting is an integral part of our offering. As one of the leading advertising networks in Russia, we need to ensure that our IP data is the most accurate on the market.”

Learn more about how Kavanga is enhancing its audience segmentation capabilities with IP geolocation.

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