Four Years Later: Our European Expansion

In 2009, Digital Element expanded its operations into Europe in anticipation of increased demand for IP Intelligence and geolocation technology. Made up of 47 independent countries where people speak more than 200 different languages, Europe seemed a logical place where brands would need online targeting granularity at the city and postcode level.

Four years later, the demand for market-leading geolocation continues to surge, and our client list has as well. This notable growth has come from a range of companies and sectors, from multinationals to startups, involved in advertising, web analytics, online video and TV/film, financial services and eCommerce.

For example, Collective, Vibrant Media, Infectious Media, Crimtan, Smart AD, Netsprint, Adswizz, Eyeota, Flashtalking, Supersonic Ads, Affectv, and adTEN comprise our list of leading ad platform providers that need accurate geographic data for delivering ads to the right audiences.

Online video/TV/film/music distributors Virgin Media, Channel 5, and AerTV, have all recently deployed NetAcuity Edge to protect their valuable media content and improve user experience.

Read the full press release here and learn what other European brands have joined Digital Element’s client base of industry leaders.

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