Fore! to Deliver Course Recommendations Based on Golfers’ Locations

When the weather turns warmer and the days grow longer, golfers have one thing on their minds: Get out on the course as soon as possible.

EZLinks Golf Inc., a pioneer in online reservations and tee time services, is making it easier and quicker for players around the world to schedule a round of golf through by providing them with personalized course recommendations based on their geographic locations-a new capability powered by NetAcuity® Edge IP geolocation solution.

“ is focused on making it easier for golfers to find and book their next tee times,” said Laura Dihel, vice president marketing, EZLinks Golf.  “We are focused on creating a winning experience for golfers and golf courses. NetAcuity Edge allows us to hyper-target messaging connecting golfers with great places to golf locally.”

EZLinks Golf also plans to leverage geolocation technology to serve hyper-relevant content and advertisements, creating a custom experience for each user.

Tee up the full press release here to learn more details on how EZLinks is using IP targeting to attract and retain the next generation of golfers.

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