First-of-Its-Kind Technology Helps Fill the Mobile Gap in IP Targeting Space

With more than 6.5 billion mobile subscribers today, mobile is poised to become the dominant screen for reaching consumers. And with 80 percent of those users gravitating toward rate- (i.e. many times “free”) and speed-friendly Wi-Fi connections, this has created a mobile marketing gap for companies wanting to reach this growing population of consumers on the go.

Digital Element is helping to close that gap for marketers with the introduction of PulseTM, the industry’s first mobile-centric IP targeting solution and the newest edition to its pioneering NetAcuity platform of products. Developed in collaboration with Skyhook Wireless and representing the next generation in IP targeting, NetAcuity Pulse will allow marketers to effectively reach a larger portion of today’s online traffic, which is a combination of BOTH mobile and connected users.

NetAcuity Pulse will leverage the “living network” of IP-location information derived from mobile devices and billions of on-device location transactions to give marketers a more precise, yet privacy-sensitive, global targeting method. This more precise targeting is based on where a user is located and connected at a specific point in time, regardless of device. Data can include whether the user is in fact coming through a Wi-Fi connection point, the user’s point-in-time geographic location, and whether someone is on a home or business hotspot.

Get more details here regarding this all-important missing mobile data piece to the IP targeting puzzle.

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