Balancing targeting and anonymity

I recently read this post over at Marketing Vox and found it very interesting. The conclusion of the study on consumer attitudes towards behavioral targeting was that “most consumers surveyed did express a desire for highly targeted, relevant ads” but consumers also did not like to be “tracked.”

This sums up the value of IP Intelligence in a nutshell.

Way back in 1999, we invented IP Intelligence because we strongly believed that consumers wanted to get content that was relevant to them without having their privacy invaded by cookies.

IP Intelligence allows ads and product offerings to be targeted much like in the real world (i.e., like customers are used to). Content can be instantly based on a user’s city/town, as well as other metrics such as connection type, company, whether a user is at home or at work, etc.  Importantly, all of this targeting is done without tracking a user’s  behavior or receiving any user-supplied information, and is accomplished totally anonymously and without cookies.

At Digital Element, we are very sympathetic to those who are worried that “Big Brother” is watching them.  As a founder of the company, I know this was one of the driving forces behind starting our company.  We firmly believe that IP Intelligence strikes the appropriate balance between targeting and anonymity, and represents the best way for online businesses to give their customers what they want, without scaring them off.

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