As Part of a Global Expansion Plan, Yieldr Adds Hyperlocal Targeting Capabilities

Yieldr, a leading programmatic display advertising company, has incorporated hyperlocal IP data into its advertising platform as part of its global expansion plan.

Yieldr’s programmatic advertising platform intelligently targets users and optimizes campaigns, allowing advertisers to transform first- and third-party data into actionable revenue driving results. By adding accurate geographic targeting capabilities, Yieldr will significantly enhance advertising performance by increasing relevance, minimizing wasted impressions, and increasing ROI for its clients.

Niels Baarsma, CTO and co-founder, Yieldr, commented: “We are already receiving very positive feedback from clients and are confident about our global expansion plans knowing we have the best technology available.”

Read the full press release to learn more about how hyperlocal geolocation targeting will benefit Yieldr’s programmatic advertising results.

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