Advertising and Content Just Got More Personalized on Leading Chinese Online Video Site

A recent McKinsey research report estimates the number of Chinese online video watchers will reach 700 million by 2015. With gigantic online viewing numbers such as these, it’s no wonder that the United States is projected to fall behind China in online ad market share by 2015.

Chinese online video sites, such as Tudou, are already turning to technology innovations to make the online user experience that much more relevant with targeted advertising and content based on geographic location. Tudou is deploying global and hyperlocal geolocation technology to more specifically target the delivery of content and advertisements geographically down to a city or town level—for Tudou’s audience of more than 200 million monthly unique visitors.

Read the full press announcement here to learn how Tudou is using this technology to enhance how users find what they want to see, share what they create, and connect with like-minded people in their local communities

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