AcuityAds Takes Geotargeting to the Next Level for RTB Campaigns

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), display and video real-time bidding (RTB) spending each more than doubled during 2012 to $1.948 billion and $387 million, respectively. In fact, IAB estimates that 22 percent of all online video advertising and 19 percent of display are now bought through RTB platforms.

So it comes as no surprise that AcuityAds Inc., an industry-leading, RTB solution provider, has selected our NetAcuity EdgeTM technology to take geotargeting to the next level for its customers’ campaigns.

AcuityAds operates within Canada and the United States, serving both advertisers and publishers in the RTB space. AcuityAds’ solutions are designed to connect the right consumers to the right advertisers in the most efficient and safest way possible. Its current product offering delivers first-class RTB solutions for traditional online display, video and mobile campaigns.

AcuityAds works with Fortune 50 brands, top North American agencies and major non-profit organizations. Learn more about how AcuityAds is using hyperlocal technology to more accurately determine the geographic location of the end user-especially in Canada-to drive performance and results for RTB campaigns.

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