A Mobile Partnership Trifecta: Location. Carrier. Connection Type.

We’re excited to announce a strategic data partnership with dotMobi that will allow the mobile Web technology specialist to offer our mobile carrier and connection type databases to its customers and further enhance our mobile carrier and connection type identification capabilities.

Under the partnership, dotMobi will also enable its DeviceAtlas® customers to identify the country location, mobile carrier and connection type (WiFi or cellular) a mobile visitor is using based on an IP address.

Benefits to advertisers:

  • Deliver messages to a specific network to fulfill geographic and demographic targeting criteria
  • Distinguish between a WiFi and cellular network to deliver optimized content based on a user’s connection type.

DeviceAtlas is used by a wide variety of large brands and Fortune 100 companies, including Adobe, Sprint, IBM, General Motors and Target. Get more details here on how to make the mobile trifecta of location, carrier and connection type work for you.

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