Location, Location, Location

CMS Wire recently posted an article “Five Tips for a Better User Experience on Your Site” which talked about creating a better website design. Although design does play an integral role in enhancing the online experience, relevant content AND smart design go hand in hand– kind of like baseball and apple pie, green eggs and ham, Brangelina, Jack Daniel’s and coke,…..OK, you get the picture — to create the best online experience. And to do that, you need to build good content optimization into the design, whether it’s for targeted advertising or localized content. Importantly, this can be done automatically with IP Intelligence. It’s obviously all about relevance and value add these days, so consider this sixth tip on the house. Using IP Intelligence to help target the right content to your customers will ensure that you’re giving your customers what they are looking for automatically, without having to make them click through pages and pages of content to find the information or products they’re looking for. Rob’s #1 Rule” business is still about location — even online. Now, back to my JD and coke….


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