Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer

Vice President, International Strategy

Steve Sawyer serves as Digital Element’s Vice President of International Strategy and is responsible for strategic development of the company’s IP Intelligence and geolocation products across the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Steve has been involved in the IP Intelligence industry for more than 15 years, with substantial experience in fraud, gaming and enterprise applications. Of particular note is his leadership in the expansion of business interests across the fast-growing markets in the APAC region, including work with local teams in China and Japan to develop opportunities for the company’s NetAcuity solutions. Steve’s career spans more than a decade in advertising and technology. He worked on the forefront of newspapers’ early online adoption, later moving onto online auction sites as technologies rapidly advanced, and then joining the IP industry in 2002. Steve currently resides in Newbury, England with his wife.

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“Digital Element is the Global Leader in IP geolocation technology and is the only IP data provider to deliver true postcode-level targeting, so the company was the natural choice to help us achieve optimum granularity at the city and postcode level.”

Ben Anderson, Senior Vice President, Technology, Vibrant Media