IP Geolocation Information Adds Value to Data Management Strategies

For 16 years, Weborama has been developing exceptional technological tools in the fields of ad serving and data science. The company’s success is based on an original approach to the transformation of raw data into marketing value. Today, more than 300 advertising customers, agencies and publishers use its innovative solutions to manage and optimize their […]

Hit it Out of the Park with In-Stadium Wi-Fi Targeting

Welcome to the new American pastime: Baseball, hot dogs and…Wi-Fi. The instantly recognizable “Wi-Fi Here” sign is turning up everywhere these days. Once relegated to upscale coffee shop windows, the symbol can be found in a multitude of public venues, from malls and hotels to airports and now sports stadiums. As an example, by the […]

IRCE 2015: In Case You Missed It

This was our eighth year participating at IRCE and being an integral part of the conversation in terms of addressing the future opportunities and challenges for retailers. IRCE always provides us with a unique platform to network with retail professionals from across the world─one on one─to discuss how technology can not only help them perform […]

It’s All About Location for Travel Destination Marketers─In More Ways Than One

Location is not just a destination for travel and tourism boards, it’s a means to an end if you’re a marketer trying to measure the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns. Arrivalist, a marketing services company that provides new metrics to evaluate the offline impact of online media plans, is leveraging location to measure the […]

Hyperlocal Geolocation Technology Used as Real-Time Data Enrichment

The ADEX is a global technology specialist offering the next-generation data management platform (DMP) that aggregates, segments and analyses data. This data enables advertisers, publishers and agencies to learn more about their audiences, providing actionable insight to help serve relevant content and advertising that instantly connects with consumers. By adding NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal IP geolocation […]

Mobile Advertising Case Study: Geolocation’s Role in Intelligent Audience Targeting

As mobile adoption continues to surge and mobile devices become the first screens for consumers, marketers are more aggressively eyeing opportunities within the mobile advertising space. However, a major problem facing marketers is the need to process enormous amounts of data and make actionable decisions in real time in order to drive optimal mobile advertising […]

Geolocation’s Role in Politics

In the 2012 U.S. elections, geolocation played a pivotal role in helping politicians reach groups of voters through geotargeted online ads in swing states. Fast forwarding to today and traveling “across the pond,” we’re seeing The Liberal Democrats, a British political party, forging its own political history through geolocation. The Liberal Democrats have deployed NetAcuity […]

Combining Geolocation and Wireless Carrier Data Helps Improve the Mobile User Experience

Latin America is a market where conventional phones or low-cost smartphones serve as the main mode of Internet access, so there is definitely a lot of opportunity to increase  membership rates for subscribed content. Naranya, the leading provider of wireless services in Latin America, is capitalizing on this opportunity by utilizing IP Intelligence and geolocation […]

Worldwide Postcode-Level IP Geolocation Data Improves Online Gambling Experience

With its global audience, bet365 serves 17 million customers in more than 200 countries and operates in 17 different languages. Deploying IP geolocation enables the company to simplify content localization and automatically serve that content and advertising in the right language and currency─improving relevance, response and revenues. To localize website content and improve the user […]

New Wi-Fi Targeting Solution Helps Deliver More Precise, Localized Campaigns

Crimtan, a UK-based global advertising technology company, uses its proprietary digital marketing solution to turn consumer data into actions that enable businesses to increase brand awareness, find new customers and maintain those relationships. To enhance its RAMP360TM advertising platform, Crimtan is incorporating a new Wi-Fi targeting solution that will help increase performance for its clients’ […]