Worldwide Postcode-Level IP Geolocation Data Improves Online Gambling Experience

With its global audience, bet365 serves 17 million customers in more than 200 countries and operates in 17 different languages. Deploying IP geolocation enables the company to simplify content localization and automatically serve that content and advertising in the right language and currency─improving relevance, response and revenues. To localize website content and improve the user […]

New Wi-Fi Targeting Solution Helps Deliver More Precise, Localized Campaigns

Crimtan, a UK-based global advertising technology company, uses its proprietary digital marketing solution to turn consumer data into actions that enable businesses to increase brand awareness, find new customers and maintain those relationships. To enhance its RAMP360TM advertising platform, Crimtan is incorporating a new Wi-Fi targeting solution that will help increase performance for its clients’ […]

Learn What It Takes to Be IP Smart

It’s April Fool’s Day. But, we’re turning the tables on dumb ideas with the kick-off of our fun and humorous #BeIPSmart video campaign. Let’s face it. We’ve all seen some dumb ideas and have probably had a few of our own (much as we’d hate to admit it). But, we want to right the ship […]

As Digital Video Explodes, So Goes the Need for Geolocation

Recent research from eMarketer shows that the U.S. audience for digital video—that is, video consumed on any digital device—will pass 200 million in 2015. In addition, spending on video advertising this year is expected to make up 28.7 percent of all U.S. digital display ad dollars, a 7.5 percent increase over 2014. As the leading […]

Mobile World Congress Recap: Data’s Role in the Internet of Things

It’s no wonder that this year’s Mobile World Congress broke attendance records with more than 93,000 people participating from all over the world. It’s an exciting time for both consumers and companies when it comes to mobile technology. From exciting new devices, connected cars and wearables to back-end solutions, technologies, applications and accessories, MWC provided […]

Get in the Marketing Fast Lane with Wi-Fi Targeting

It’s that time to spring forward again, and we want to put companies in the fast lane by helping them take their mobile marketing campaigns to a new gear. Today, more than two-thirds of U.S. consumers prefer Wi-Fi networks over their cellular service so companies simply cannot afford to ignore this type of targeting if […]

Hyperlocal IP Geolocation Helps Build Foundation for Effective Contextual Advertising

AdBlueDigital delivers contextually relevant advertising for its global network of more than 10,000 premium publishers. The implementation of more granular hyperlocal IP geolocation data into its advertising platform means that it can refine audience segmentation and targeting capabilities for the more than 20 million unique users it reaches daily. “Digital Element is the global leader […]

Hyperlocal Postcode Targeting Records 34-Percent Improvement in Conversion Rates

    As a leading innovator in digital display trading, Media IQ has worked to identify and address the flaws within the global industry that prevent clients and advertisers from achieving the performance levels they require from their campaigns. In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of their clients’ targeted online advertising campaigns, these […]

NetAcuity Pulse Is Available Now: IP Geotargeting Built for Today’s Online Traffic

Introduced to the world in November, NetAcuity PulseTM, the industry’s first mobile-centric, IP-targeting database, is now available for purchase to marketers who want to reach online users on a whole new level. NetAcuity Pulse is revolutionizing IP targeting by effectively reaching more of today’s online traffic─which is made up of both connected AND mobile users. […]

Digital Marketing: A Look Back at 2014 and Look Ahead to 2015

The boundaries for digital marketing are limitless when you consider the explosive growth in consumers’ use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, social media, search engines, online videos, gaming─and the list goes on. As 2014 draws to a close, I want to take time to reflect on the influences that helped direct the ongoing evolution […]