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How do you gather your IP Intelligence data?

Answer: To deliver the most accurate and granular data available, we leverage multiple data sources and patented techniques; partnerships with many of the largest ISPs, websites and networks; and we utilize partner data that is verified in house to ensure reliability, to name a few.

What kind of targeting parameters or industry-related information do you offer?

Answer: With NetAcuity, the following targeting parameters are available.

Country Connection Type Proxies Home/Business
Region/State Mobile Carrier ISP Industry Codes
City Latitude/Longitude Domain Company Name
Zip/Postal Codes Phone Area Code ASN Org Name
Custom Regions* Time Zone/Language Confidence Factors Demographics
*USA DMA/MSA, U.K. ITV Regions, France Departments

What kind of coverage do you offer?

Answer: Our data covers 99.9999 percent of all IP addresses that you will see, meaning that we allow you to target all countries, globally.

How are you able to offer global ZIP and postcode level data with NetAcuity Edge?

Answer: Digital Element has been able to circumvent the inherent limitations associated with IP-to-zip and postal code data with our NetAcuity Edge program. With Edge, the company combines traditional infrastructure analysis with insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to deliver the most granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting solution available.

Can you target mobile Internet users?

Answer: Yes. Generally, Internet traffic can be broken down by connectivity type into: 1) Wired PC-based traffic, 2) WiFi-based mobile-device and PC traffic, and 3) Celltower-based mobile device traffic. IP geolocation data will enable you to accurately target the first two connectivity types  fixed and Wi-Fi. In terms of traffic from mobile devices specifically, Wi-Fi connections represent well over 80 percent of mobile Internet device traffic in terms of how users are connecting, meaning most mobile device traffic can be accurately targeted using IP geolocation.

How do you deal with proxies?

Answer: Digital Element maintains the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date proxy detection database, empowering websites, financial services companies, networking providers, publishers and many others whose businesses rely on their ability to control the distribution of their online content; prevent online fraud; comply with legal/embargo restrictions; and more.

How is NetAcuity compliant with privacy laws?

Answer: The technology is based purely on analyzing network infrastructure and non-personally identifiable IP addresses. Digital Element never monitors individuals’ web behavior; no cookies are ever installed on users’ machines; and no personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored.

What about IPv6?

Answer: Digital Element already supports IPv6 and, in fact, when the world migrates to IPv6, our technology will become even more crucial in terms of keeping up with an exponentially expanding set of IP addresses.


Why not go with a cheap solution? Aren’t they all the same?

Answer: The main issue with the data from cheap solution providers is the inconsistency of methodologies and the irregularities in data quality. With cheaper solutions current clients discovered that as they got more granular with their targeting, accuracy and coverage decreased, especially for international traffic.

How does Digital Element stack up against other industry providers?

Answer: Digital Element is the leader in this space and has been providing IP location data as a tool to increase the reach and relevance of online content, ads and applications since 1999. We stand heads above other providers in terms of accuracy, data quality and support, and our client list which includes the world’s leading brands can attest to the fact that we are the gold standard in the IP geolocation space.


How do we install your solution?

Answer: We offer three methods of installation: a flat file, NetAcuity server/software, and a cloud service. There is no price difference between methods – it’s whatever works best for your environment and particualr use case. With all methods, clients can be up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

How often is your IP data updated?

Answer: For NetAcuity and NetAcuity Edge clients, Digital Element releases a new version of its database weekly.

What technical support is available?

Answer: This is one of Digital Element’s biggest points of differentiation. When you or your clients have questions, our 24/7 support will be there with answers. Our support team is hands-down the best in the industry, and leverages an entire team of experts in the field of IP Intelligence to make sure that our clients utilize our data to its fullest potential.


How much does the solution cost?

Answer: Digital Element’s pricing is a flat monthly fee based on two variables: estimated monthly traffic and data sets requested. We price based on these two elements so that we can serve clients of any size — from startups to the world’s largest websites.

We’re a startup with limited funding. Do you have a solution that will allow us to see if geolocation data will bring value to our business?

Answer: Yes. NetAcuity Developer’s edition is a great solution for those looking to test the geo waters while leveraging industry-leading data.

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