Reverse Geocoding Technology Can Strengthen Real-Time Mobile Interactions

Today’s marketers need to show how their products and services are relevant to consumers―at different times and in different places throughout the day. However, creating that relevance requires data―and lots of it―many times from multiple sources. The “State of Marketing Report 2020” indicates that the median number of data sources used by marketers in 2019 was 8, is expected to grow to 10 this year, and projected up to 12 by 2021. Sourcing, aggregating, integrating and applying data from different providers can be a monumental challenge.

However, 51Degrees is an innovative company that has literally created a “one-stop shop” for real-time data with its Pipeline API. Founded in the United Kingdom, 51Degrees is the only commercial open-source, device-detection solution available. Leaders in ad tech, publishing, content management platforms, digital agencies and more than 1.5 million* websites, including global brands such as eBay, Sitecore, Opentext, Tencent and HSBC, use 51Degrees.

51Degrees is using reverse geocoding technology to convert the raw coordinates from latitude and longitude data derived from mobile devices into more useful geographical intelligence such as postcode, city, region, and country information. This “translated” data can then be used to provide more contextually and locally relevant advertising and content for on-the-go mobile interactions.

“We were delighted to integrate the Digital Element GeoMprint location solution for the launch of our new real-time data pipeline. Digital professionals can add location data to analytics, address capture and targeting systems.” said James Rosewell, CEO and founder of 51Degrees. “Setup takes a matter of minutes using the free-trial options. The permissively open source APIs make enhancements and audit super simple.”

Read the full press release to learn more about how to improve insights into online user preferences and device-specific behavior with geolocation technology…or jump right in and sign up for a free trial of the 51Degrees pipeline here.

*Numbers accurate at time of publication, but may be higher.

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