IP Location Targeting for Government

Bolster Crime Detection Capabilities with Technology that Balances Privacy and Security

Whether fighting cyber terrorism or leveraging the Internet to help locate online predators, staying one step ahead of criminals is a job that demands both technology and perseverance. Government and law enforcement teams need to use every weapon in their arsenal to identify crime and its perpetrators. IP Intelligence data provides a way for those who protect and serve to both investigate and uncover criminal activities.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation technology accurately and non-invasively identifies information about online users including real-time geographic location, proxies, and other data that is key to investigating and identifying illegal activities—and the criminals who attempt to evade prosecution.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Leverage geolocation data as an investigatory tool to uncover the location of online attackers
  • Identify and prosecute criminals using a technology that maintains the delicate balance between privacy rights and national security
  • Use IP location information to help protect against cyber attacks, and to proactively paint a picture of site access by geography

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