Vroom! Vroom! New Infographic from Digital Element Shows the Need to Accelerate Wi-Fi Targeting

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Advertising, Retail and Travel & Hospitality Industries Stand to Benefit Most

ATLANTA – Mar. 10, 2015: Digital Element, the leading provider of IP Intelligence and geolocation solutions, today released a new infographic to illustrate the need for and benefit from using Wi-Fi targeting to reach mobile consumers.

The infographic, titled “The Race to Reach Mobile Wi-Fi Users,” provides a visual representation of why and how companies, specifically in the advertising, retail and travel & hospitality industries, should reach their target audiences via mobile Wi-Fi connections. With the NASCAR Sprint Cup kicking into gear and the Indianapolis 500 not too far away, the infographic leverages a race-car theme to take viewers “around the track” to highlight the growing number of Wi-Fi users while “taking pit stops” along the way to outline the key benefits of Wi-Fi targeting.

The infographic includes numerous statistics from well-recognized organizations and research firms to help demonstrate the business impact this next-generation of targeting will have across industries and throughout the enterprise. In particular, of interest to those in the travel & hospitality industry, 94 percent of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important amenity at a hotel. Similarly, 57 percent of enterprise retailers offer both customer and employee Wi-Fi access. From an international perspective, Wi-Fi connected users to more than 47 million public hotspots worldwide.

“Because Wi-Fi users represent such a large majority of today’s mobile traffic, companies simply cannot afford to ignore this type of targeting if they want to reach and engage with consumers at a point in time where and when it matters most,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “We’ve found that IP geolocation allows marketers and advertisers to accurately reach this growing population of on-the-go users in an easy, non-invasive, cost-effective manner.”

Digital Element’s NetAcuity Pulse™, the industry’s first mobile-centric, IP-targeting database, leverages new insights derived from Wi-Fi connected mobile traffic and infrastructure. This more precise targeting is based on where a user is located and connected at a specific point in time, regardless of device. Information can include whether the user is in fact coming through a Wi-Fi connection point, the user’s point-in-time geographic location, and whether someone is on a home or a business hotspot. Benefits of using Wi-Fi targeting include better return on investment; stronger brand loyalty; improved consumer engagement; and increased revenues.

About Digital Element
Since 1999, Digital Element has been providing global geolocation solutions that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online initiatives – from desktops to mobile devices. The company’s patented technology has been certified and accredited to deliver real-time access to accurate and reliable location intelligence without invading internet users’ privacy. For more than a decade, many of the world’s largest websites, brands, ad networks, social media platforms and mobile publishers have trusted Digital Element’s technology to target advertising, localize content, enhance analytics, and manage content rights as well as detect and prevent fraud. Visit www.digitalelement.com for more information on how to bring the power of location to the online world. Follow us on Twitter @DigitalElement and like us on Facebook.

Headquartered in Atlanta and London, Digital Element is a division of Digital Envoy Inc.

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