Proxy Detection & VPN Identification

Detect Proxy IP Address for Enhanced Protection

Detect non-human traffic, control the distribution of online content, prevent online fraud, comply with legal/embargo restrictions, and more with the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date proxy database.

The VPN Proxy database provides additional insights about proxy hosts, helping clients address the problem of malicious IP masking and enabling them to have greater control over their online channels.

Customer Success with VPN & Proxy Detection Services

By integrating NetAcuity’s VPN & Proxy detection into its content delivery platform, VUBIQUITY was able to meet studios’ strict licensing requirements―protecting not only the studios but also the company and its operators.

Our VPN & Proxy database lets VUBIQUITY control exactly who is able to access its content, managing entitlements and access to video assets worldwide based on the authentication of user rights.

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Vubiquity Success Story

How to Check if IP is Proxy with NetAcuity

Digital Element provides the industry‘s leading proxy detection data, allowing companies to detect proxy IP and offer enhanced protection. Our team of experts are on hand to ensure your integrated proxy detection capabilities are comprehensive.

Get Started with VPN & Proxy Identification

Integrating VPN Proxy data into your platforms and technologies with NetAcuity is made fast and easy with help from our geolocation experts and 24/7 support. Let us know what your VPN and Proxy identification needs are and we’ll have you set up and running in no time.

Our proxy data list is updated on a daily basis and is available for daily or weekly download depending on use case, providing unmatched proxy detection capabilities.

Looking identify VPN and proxy users? Our experts are here to help:

Providing Proxy VPN Detection and More

The ability to carry out VPN identification and perform a proxy detection test is just a part of what Digital Element can provide, with IP location targeting and reverse geocoding as additional offerings.

See the Full Datasheet

See the full breakdown of the various proxy types and descriptions available in the VPN Proxy database with this comprehensive datasheet.

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Vubiquity Success Story

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